Tammy Walters Art

Cast Iron Bottle Openers *Extremely Popular*

Wooden Wall Signs *Excellent for Home Bars*

Fishing Hoodies Perfect for The Nippy Winter Weather

Really Funny Humour Aprons

In-house Design, Print and Product Development

Retail products for on-line sellers and retailers

If you are a retailer or you run an on-shop or sell direct to B2B, then we can supply you excellent retail products for your shop. We develop these with you and we can also offer a fulfilment and drop shipping service. We can delivery direct to your customers. To find out more please get in contact hobbyandhandmade@gmail.com

Home Decor and Interior Design

If you are a photographer, artist or interior designer we can print soft furnishings, cushions, tea towels. aprons and tote bags with your own designs, logo or brand. We develop these for you and can offer a drop shipping and fulfilment service direct to your customers. To find our more please get in contact hobbyandhandmade@gmail.com


We specialise personalisation. We literally personalise anything, clothing, gifts, merchandise and home decor products. All you need to do is send us your design ideas even written on a fag packet, and we can create your artwork for you ready for printing. These are available to individuals and trade customers. Email your ideas to hobbyandhandmade@gmail.com


This Hobby and Handmade store was launched to provide to you with a true "market style" experience that you would feel if you were able to visit a craft market, country show or street market. However, due to the pandemic these are all cancelled.

Hobby and Handmade is showcasing our Great British Makers, Crafters, Artisan Gift Manufacturers and Producers an establised platform of opportunity to connect with our sellers and our existing buyers. We have over 75,000 buyers which we have built up over the last year since we were locked down and with no other form of retail outlet, we took our business on-line, we reaped the rewards and by Christmas could see that this on-line offering was well worth offering to our friends in business, fellow crafters and makers who like us have had nowhere to sell. Lots of smaller craft businesse don't have a website, or any ecommerce knowlege or find google a word they don't understand. SEO, TAG Words and meta tags are all words double dutch to most. Including us just 12 months ago we were miffed by Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but these days its our job, its what we do and what we have learnt to do to provide ourselves an income whislt there were no other options. U tube videos, feeling daft filming ourselves and doing blogs! was a mine field of confusion, but not any more. We can confidently say now, with the results from just selling our own wares that if we add a catalogue of other sellers goodies this website will flourish.

Also we are providing you with a service to upload your images for you, your tags are done for you and if you need help all you have to do is ask.

Hobby and Handmade is a brand that sites under our main company Top Banana Group UK Ltd, which is an experienced clothing and gift printer whose owners together have over 70 years experience in the trade! A lifetime of experience, we are trained graphic designers and our MD is also an interior designers which provides flare and knowlege of the gift industry for years.

JUMP ON BOARD AND START MEETING OTHER SELLERS AND NEW BUYERS - whist we do all the hard work for you.

If buyers then are looking for the perfect Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentines or Christmas Gift, or a little treat for yourself, then we can help as we will showcase loads and loads of craftmakers, producers and growers who want to sell their wares. Which means out of the ashes of disaster, grows the roses of success!