About Us

Welcome to Got2haveone, your #1 on-line hobby clothing and gift supplier.  At Got2haveone we pride ourselves on excellent service, competitive pricing, and quality merchandise for all your gift and clothing shopping needs. 

All of our clothing, mugs, coasters and cushions are printed in-house using state of the art digital print systems and sublimation. 

All of our t-shirts, cushions, aprons and textiles are printed using the WOW system.  This high tec permanent digital screen print system.  We have printed over 10,500 t-shirts in just 7 months. 

At got2haveone you will be able to find an eclectic range of gifts for you, your friends and all the family.  If you are looking for something special, bespoke or personalised and can’t spot it on our site, simply fill out our contact form on the contact page.  As we can design and print anything that is not owned by another company.  

We cannot copy brands or the Intellectual Property of another.  However we can design something new.  Licensed logos are only allowed to be printed by us if the owner provides written permission and provides the original high resolution design. 

We design and print everything to order but please note our cancellation policy. 

NOTE: Our Cancellation Policy: All personalised and bespoke orders carry a 100% cancellation fee, and these items are none refundable.  No design work will be carried out, until full cleared payment has been received. Once received this is not refundable. 

Our website is growing and we add new products everyday, so be sure to visit us regularly.  To make sure you keep in contact with us at all times, simply sign up as a member and we will email you with all our new products, offers and our newsletter. 

Thank you for visiting us, we hope you enjoyed your shopping experience with Got2haveone your #1 hobby clothing and gift on-line shop.