About Us


WELCOME TO G2HO The UK's Biggest Hobby Clothing and gift shop.

G2HO is a British Fashion House and retailer, soon to be based in the exclusive Trentham Shopping Village, which forms part of the award winning Trentham Estate. The Estate is one of the country’s top visitor destinations. Comprising of 725 acres, it is the last remnants of one of England’s great garden estates. The estate attracts in the region of 3 million visitors a year, due to its wide appeal and diverse activities to engage with every generation.

Our new hobby clothing and gift shop will showcase an ecclectic selection of our clothing, bags, gifts and merchandise displaying a wide selection of  hobbies.

Motoring, Aviation, Transport, Gardening, Extreme Sports, Evolution, Arts & Crafts, Cycling, Music, Fishing, Wildlife and Fury Friends. 

 If you do not see a product that you like simply give us a call and we will call you back within 24 hours.  07718 324315