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Sammy Holman Author

An Ode To Remembrance My Little Book of Poems

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An Ode To Remembrance My Little Book of Poems, written by Sammy Holman, Ex-Solider.  I am dedicating my book to my hero My Dad, who sadly passed away suddenly on the 9th August this 2018.  He served with 31 Signal Regiment and I am so proud to be able to say to folk that he was my dad.  

In my book all of my poems are a reference to the wars we have battled over the years since WW1.  The poems will connect with both you and me and the words in my poems you will be able to relate with over and over again. 

Many families have lost loved ones to the wars we have fought, and even though we are not at war, some Soldiers still suffer their own personal battles, with PTSD, Mental Health and are having to learn to live with their battle scars.  

I not only dedicate my book to my dad, but also one of his best friends Uncle Frank, Uncle Dusty, John Stevenson to name just a couple who were my mum and dads good friends for what seems to me forever until one after the other they all went to heaven to the big pub in the sky where I hope they meet and can find peace together as old mates.  Im sure my mum, who is also in heaven can also meet up with them too and then there will really be trouble! but what fun they will have there as they did down on earth.  Sadly my world is not the same without them, my heart is broken at the loss of all of them.  I have no idea how I will cope yet my book tells the story in poetry of just how I will and many like me do cope without our families or love ones! 

My little book of poems is about survival, from the worst things possible that we have to face and how we continue and live on. 

I hope you like it, as much as I enjoyed writing it.  All of the graphics, poems and printing was done by me.  I am proud to be able to call myself an author.  

To all heroes (Thank you) xx  I love you daddy now and forever xx 

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