Retreat Dog Bed

Retreat Dog Bed


Available in a variety of designs, these comfortable and supportive beds are the perfect place for your dog to retreat!

This sustainable product is filled with 100% recycled memory foam crumb filling. The small pieces of foam mould to your dog, providing the optimum support and comfort for any pet.

Our memory foam filling products offer enhanced support for elderly or poorly dogs, but can help any dogs who may need extra support, including larger breeds or pets with joint problems.

Available in:-
Retreat Eco-Wellness Duvet
The inner is made with easy-care water-resistant fabric, to reduce ingress of water and dirt. The duvet features a removable cover for ease of washing and spare covers are available.
Medium 71 x 98cm
Large 87 x 138cm

Retreat Eco-Wellness Bed
The mattress is filled with memory foam crumb filling to offer enhanced support and the remainder of the bed is filled with 100% polyester fibre for greater warmth and comfort.
Small 24″
Medium 32″
Large 40″

Feathers – a stylish and cosy feather print design. Available in two colours, Navy/Stone and Grey/Duck Egg.

Geo Tiles – a scandi-inspired geometric design, featuring colours of greys, mustard and blues. This modern print is combined with a navy wax for a traditional twist (bed only).