Florence Nelly Fabrics

Florence Nelly was a lovely lady born in 1910.  A great cook, wife and seamstress, she could darn your socks, cook a great British home cooked meal and was a great wife to her bus driver husband.  A strong lady, who I have dedicated this business too. Floss known to her friends was one of 13 kids, her mum died very early in life, so in those days fending for yourself was a necessity, with not a lot of money at all, ladies in her day, used to make things out of what ever they could find and this is the ethos for my company.  I like to make patchwork things out of remnants of old material, or using old clothes that you could recycle and make into something else.
The Great British Sewing Bee has sparked so much interest in home sewing and with a bit more time on our hands during lockdown, many many people of taken to crafting and doing things they have never tried before like the art of sewing.  In America patchworks quilts sell for thousands of pounds, handmade, often hand sewn out of bits and bobs, these classic vintage style patterns used just go back in the day to times gone bay make them a true vintage treasure.  Our buyers love to buy assorted fabrics as quarters.  In sewing a quarter is 50cms x 56cms.  Don't ask me why, it's just how it is.  And that is how I sell my Fat Quarter Bundles, 5 or 10 pieces of assorted fabrics in what I feel would make for a lovely quilt or patchwork or mixed cushion. 
As a seamstress myself, I use many of my fabric quarters to make teddy clothing, and I have created many many teddy outfits in my time.  Florence, if she was here today I am sure would have loved my work.  From my site here on HobbyandHandmade you will see bundles of all sorts of fabric.  We are very very excited to be apart of this new venture.   If you would like to get in contact with us please
Email: hobbyandhandmade@gmail.com