What is Christmas?

  • A time to buy presents
  • A time to spoil the ones you love
  • A time to wait for Santa to come and visit
  • A time to eat lots and be merry
  • A time to remember those not so fortune
  • A time to share all that we have with others

A year passes fast and Christmas does not take long these days to come around again.  It just proves that time is so precious and we have to saver every moment that we have to do all the things we dream of, and remember to wish upon and star and all your dreams will come true.  

Its at a time like Christmas that we get the opportunity to buy someone we love and beautiful present.  Its a great opportunity to thank all of those around us that have been kind, special and supportive to us as individuals.  Christmas is a time of giving, sharing and spending time with family and all over the world people give gifts to each other on this day.

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