Zero Tolerance Hilarious Gift and Clothing Collection Search for Stockists.

Sammy holman

Posted on June 10 2019

Zero Tolerance Hilarious Gift and Clothing Collection Search for Stockists.

Zero Tolerance hilarious gift and clothing range is ready to be shipped to new stockists.  Are you ready for a new range which will have your customers in stitches?

in an all too serious world, full of “Brexit” scares, and a very weak government that has cause uncertainty and upset and industry fears, we must as businesses try and continue to keep going and fighting through these bad times before we reach our own brick walls and run out of money and like many of the big retailers recently who have disappeared from our high streets! 

Our product ranges that we call “History and Hobbies” sold by our company got2haveone are still proving popular, but what we need to do is improve our sales platforms.  We need to reach more customers both as retail stockists and for our mail order clients.  

It’s all too easy to just give up when we are faced with uncertainty and fear. However, here at G2HO we have done the opposite and have recently invested in more machinery so we can continue to improve the quality and speed of our production. 

Our newly launched Zero Tolerance range is a barrel of belly laughs, designed to make people stop and read our daft sayings on tin, mugs, coasters, greetings cards and t-shirts. We have 48 designs in total that are all aimed at things which annoy the hell out of us, like idiots, stupid people, sarcasm, awkward wit and truths that hurt!  We want to provide our audience with a really good laugh... 

Our slogans are funny, slightly rude and will create for any business the opportunity to make good money on a well thought out range... 

We are looking for stockists and retailers to take this range on, which is available on a spinner which holds 20 designs.  The spinner fits both t-shirts and signs. 

We are looking for stockists who can offer a bit of floor space and provide our ranges with good sales and high footfall for us to reach a wider audience and create a solid income over time. 


  • We are a UK based company 
  • We pride ourselves on good quality
  • We pride ourselves on fast delivery times
  • We provide all the point of sale and marketing tools 
  • We don’t allow eBay or Amazon sales 
  • We are bricks and mortar high street only
  • We are a wholesale company 

Zero Tolerance gift collection are a must to buy in this all too serious world right now! A fun filled product with huge sales potential, which in our own shops have sold out really fast and proved to us the evidence that this range serves its purpose! So many of our customers have left happy, laughing and giggling to each other because of our designs! 

To become a stockist email us at or call 01782 657483 








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