History and Hobbies On-line Clothing and Gift Shop

Sammy holman

Posted on December 06 2016

History and Hobbies On-line Clothing and Gift Shop

Just launched our new on-line clothing and gift shop for enthusiasts, collectors and geeks who are interested in a History or a Hobby or the Military.  We are flexible and are able to design anything you may want or need for your family member, friend or colleague.  Most of our products have a humorous twist.  Our Military clothing and gifts are dedicated to the men and women who serve our Queen and Country.  We honour them and the regiments they are apart of. 

We would welcome your opinion but please keep it friendly.  We are here to serve our customers with top notch products produced here in the UK. if you do not see what you want on our website simple email us at got2haveoneltd.com where we will try to accommodate your request.  


Regards Sammy 

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